Peddlepower Christmas Jamboree

Peddlepower Christmas Jamboree

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***Attendance is free***

Space is limited!  If you would like space for a popup, you MUST reserve it.

Space is LIMITED!! SPACE will sell out! Only 30 spots available. 


Come enter your BMX, custom, ultra rad, super rare, or just plain bad-ass bike to compete in the best most fun show of the year. Our unbiased and special guest judges will always surprise the crowds with what catches their eyes. You NEVER know who or what bike will take home one of the MANY trophies given. So bring one or bring them all to enter and show off to all you bicycle brethren. Come hang out with industry specialist, racers, famous and infamous riders and personalities.

And are ya feelin lucky? Come enter in the best raffle you can put your hard workin money on, or take your chances with the 50/50!

Oh but the fun isn't over after the awards and raffle! No no no

Its time to put the rubber to the road and get led around by the local ride leaders to put them bikes to use and get some miles on them legs. Of course there will be a slow roll or a BMX paced ride yo choose from.

See y'all then!!

December 9th, 2023

9 am-4pm Bike Show and Shine

4:30 pm Bike Ride